Hi, I’m Radhika! Bombay born, I love spicy food and all things blue. 
With experience in working collaboratively on editorial and digital projects, 
I'm also skilled in typography and motion graphics.
When I’m not busy working to bring my ideas to life, I love latin salsa dancing, scuba diving, travelling and exploring new genres of music.
I’m always up to meet new people and collaborate, so feel free to get
in touch: radsawla@gmail.com


World Brand Design Society: Subko Coffee Roasters
Packaging of the World: Subko Coffee Roasters
Studio Big Fat: Subko Coffee Roasters 
"Women in tech" exhibited at D&AD New Blood Festival 2019
Discover Show 2019: Branding Team
Nerve Media Awards 2019: Best Design for Magazine
Behance x Yes I'm A Designer: Best portfolio shortlist