feel the connection

advertising / brand campaign

In a three-part solution, we produced an ad-campaign to (re)launch Roberts Radios new turntable. I executed a stop-motion video featuring a shop window installation featuring John Lewis furniture, where the display would be split down in half. This is to show the contrast in the original vinyl generation and the vinyl revival generation, with the turntable being the common form of connection between the two. It also shows the turntable being a constant and unchanging factor through these generations as time passes.
This was a collaborative project with Maisie Read and Millie Andrews.

The tagline “Feel the Connection” could not be more apt for our target audience. “Feel” plays on the tangibility of a vinyl record and the pride in owning one, while also targeting the emotions that are provoked when one listens to the crackle of music when it’s being played on a turntable. The “connection” is the bringing together of the two generations through their common love for vinyl, and their connection to the music when it’s played on a turntable. The RT100 acts as the connecting factor between the two types of people. 

Mockup for a shop window display                          

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